How to open an EXTRA LINE of income with Fitness Testing

By Jonathan FitPro
Getting more personal training clients to pay you for your workouts is always a goal. But some people need to be led to that point. That's why it is smart to offer a lower cost option which can bring you extra revenue and demonstrate your authority. In this article I will go over how you can leverage one aspect of the training experience into big bucks!
Remember that clients can get a "workout" ANYWHERE
Here's the harsh reality, even though you spent $1000 on your certification learning how to assign just the right exercises for your clients, they don't know any better. Moreover there are tons of options with DVDs, free group ex classes, and instagram posts that are just giving workouts away. So in order to prove yourself worthy of a prospects time and money, you have to show them that you have more to offer.
Why is fitness testing so important for the client?
First off, point blank, not enough trainers do it. They don't educate their clients that the scale is only part of the battle. If trainers do run fitness tests, they often lose them and don't explain and present this in a way that clients understand and want to track over time. When you can give clients an in-depth snapshot of their health, you become their advisor.

Second, this gives you leverage in the sales process, any client can copy your workout, BUT they can't give themselves a fitness profile to know how they are progressing. Fitness testing gives details on where your client is, and helps you to understand where your client wants to go. Without a thorough fitness test you have to rely on two horrible things, the mirror and the scale. Why is this so bad?

Finally, clients rarely notice changes in the mirror because they look at themselves every day.
The scale only tells you how much you weigh. People naturally want to feel good about themselves so now that you have a platform to show the client where and how they are actually doing well, it will keep them motivated to see you.
A thorough fitness test gives a broad range of more reliable metrics to determine a clients fitness including:

• Body Fat Percentage
• Anthropometric Measurements
• Waist to Hip Ratio
• Fat weight v Non Fat weight
• Heart rate

Step #1 – Take weight, body fat, and girth measurements
I did this for a long time on paper and had a file cabinet full of measurements and I ALWAYS lost files. Because I wanted to be more efficient I put my fitness report card on a web app called the FitPro Calculator , which you can try for free. Let’s go through this step by step. 
You want to start off by taking weight, body fat and girth measurements as it gives your client a clear idea of their current state of health. You also see in the example the the client can understand that body fat, not weight, determines how healthy they are.

In the upper right, your client sees how much work they have to do, this example client has to lose 48lbs of fat. This is a perfect situation to say that it will be in Jane's best interest to lose no more than 2lbs per week. She should expect her goal to take her about 6 months.

Step #2 – Go over resting heart rate and caloric need
The client should also have a clear idea on how to healthily lose this 48lbs of fat. Based on the clients' activity level, and body composition, you should let the client know how many calories they need to consume daily. Moreover, make sure the client knows that as their body changes, the number of suggested calories will change as well.

Next, resting heart rate tells the clients how hard their heart has to work. Explain the people with a red shading usually have a hard time keeping their breath with regular activities like climbing a flight of stairs. Everything that you can metric that you can test and improve gives your clients more reasons to continue their training program.
Step #3 Run a battery of performance tests
The reason why this is so important is that you can create tests specifically based on your clients goals:

• If you have a runner, put them through a 1 mile test or 5k periodically. 

• If you have someone preparing to become a police officer, put them through a pushup, pull-up, 1.5 mile test. 

• If you have someone that wants to increase their max strength, track their max bench, deadlift and squat.

The important thing is that this information become intrinsically valuable to the client. Most people don't write down their workouts in the gym, so if you have a platform that tracks the clients' progress over time, they will pay you for it!
Step #4 Run your client through a few mobility tests
Flexibility is another area that can be tested. By running your clients through a few simple tests, you can help your clients identify muscle imbalances with tend to lead to lower back pain or decreased performance. Helping to eliminate lower back pain alone with make you a hero to your clients.

Use the information from your mobility tests to establish a stretching routine for your clients. Like massages, stretching your clients leaves them relaxed and relieved. It takes the focus from having to sweat like crazy to developing a fit and balanced body. Finally if gives you an opportunity to go over clients' nutritional habits without interrupting the intensity of the workout. 

There aren't many stretching workouts on instagram, and in the group exercise class, that that can be your chance to offer an additional service if personal training isn't in their budget. Instead of charging $50 for an hour training, you can charge a client monthly to keep their profile active and $25 for a 10 pack of stretching sessions cha-ching!
Step #5 Write up a small summary with you information and print it for the client
If this is the first report for your client, your will probably spend a little bit more time on the notes section but you can follow the same format for all clients. The huge benefit is that your notes are personal to the client.

Just highlight the areas that are most important to the client and explain how “we” need to work on it. Print a hard copy of this report the first time because giving your clients something physical that they can hold onto. 

Going forward, you can just email the spreadsheet directly from the FitProCalculator to your client.
How can you turn this into revenue
As with everything, your first fitness profile should be free. If you're running measurement, nutrition advice, and a battery of tests, you will easily be with the client for an hour.

To make sure that the client stays committed, you can offer 1 fitness profile every month for a year at $50/month. For every client that agrees, that's an extra $600 per year!

Offering this service to just 10 clients can earn you an extra $6000 per year! Not bad huh?

Here's the best part, after a few months of doing things on their own and not seeing results, it will then be easier to offer them your personal training services..and THAT is how you get more clients.
How to get the FitProCalculator 
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Dedicated to your success,
Jonathan FitPro