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• Teaches Anatomy Physiology Programming
• Teaches one on one training

Increases your chances of getting hired for minimum wage at a big box gym ( which is closed indefinitely)

Dumbbells to Dollars Course

• Teaches Anatomy Physiology Programming
• Teaches one on one training
• Teaches you how to get an interview with or without a certification
• Teaches proven sales system that will get you paid
• Teaches exactly what to say to clients so you don't look like a rookie
• Teaches easy to implement fat burning workout paradigms guaranteed to make you the star of your gym

This course has always carried a enormous value, but now this course is an absolute necessity to save your business.

Do you think your certification gave you all the information you needed to ACQUIRE clients?

Do you think that you could be a successful trainer if your gym shut down tomorrow?

Do you think that you can really live your IDEAL lifestyle based solely on a big box gym salary?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, it's because you've gained a lot of information, with no application to the real world.

Which is why I'm inviting you to become a

FitBoss Foundation Success Stories

Thanks to Jonathan's course I was able to start a fitness bootcamp to draw people into o my obstacle training business, this was definitely a game changer!
-Jordan Thurston

Here's what you'll learn

System 1 - Resume Building
Learn exactly what to put in your resume even if you have limited experience to get callbacks for your dream job!

System 2 - Gym Interviewing
Even if your gym doesn't seems to be hiring, these are the 4 strategies you can take get yourself an interview and get hired at the gym of your choice!

System 4 - Our D2D Training System
Success is easy when you have a plan. Instead of trying to figure out how to train, use our system that works for just about anyone looking to lose weight and tone up.

System 5 - Sales
No trainer can be successful if they don't learn how to sell. In this section we'll teach you how to close your clients on personal training sessions in ONE meeting with our done for you presentation.

Are you in the middle of studying for your certification? Many trainers struggled with the anatomy section of their NASM certifications. That's why we put together a section to simplify your personal training manual to make passing your test a breeze.

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Is being a personal trainer wearing you out?
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I am not even certified yet, is this course good for me?
Answer: I know that you are very focused on learning and that's a great thing, but did you know I became successful with personal training and put together my bootcamp which earned $87K in its first year BEFORE I ever got certified? There's information you need that's not in your manual. And this course will not only simplify what's in your manual, it will teach the most important things that are left out!
Question: How long will it take to get through the course?
Answer: This is a VERY robust course, and I add new information all the time But you can drastically improve your earning potential within 3 months.
Question: I am in the process of applying to gyms, should I wait until I get hired?
Answer: Guess what? This course will get you hired quicker! I have a section on how to land your first big box gym job as well as how to set up your resume. Getting a job will be easier when you have the right tools and steps.
Question: I hate our personal training meetings because I struggle with sales and feel like the pressure is always on. Will the Dumbbells to Dollars course make me a better salesperson?
Answer: Absolutely! I remember those days, it sucked to be singled out as the trainer that couldn't sell. This course covers how to approach clients, how to set up an area in the gym so clients approach YOU. I wrote out the exact words to say in the comp session phase, how to overcome objections, the exact workouts that will get them excited about training, and the perfect way to go over rates with confidence. You will become a sales virtuoso.
Question: I'm confident in training but I don't know anything about getting clients to trust me.
Answer: This is all about the sales process. The sales process not only builds authority, but trust as well, when implemented CORRECTLY. You ill learn how to establish both with our courses. 
Question: Does this course show me how to build a website?
Answer: Yes we offer website hosting as well to help you reach people who aren't members at your gym!
What happens if you don't invest in yourself?

What happens if you DON'T invest in yourself?

- You are so close to closing a sale but your prospective client gives you an objection
You lose the sale because you never learned how to overcome objections with my course
- Your clients want to pay you with cash, check, or credit card, depending on their mood
You struggle with awkward conversations about money because you haven't automated billing
- You want to land your first job as a trainer
You spend weeks  staring at the phone waiting for a gym to call you back because you never learned Jonathan's 4 secrets to getting hired FAST
- You want to take a vacation with your significant other
You can't afford to even take a week off because you're living check to check
Don't struggle as a personal trainer! 
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