Did you know there are FOUR different types of online training?

Virtual PT • Online PT • Virtual Group • Training On Demand

Learn to master virtual training for group or personal training to deliver a professional user interface and save energy teaching

Here's why EVERY trainer should offer online Personal training packages, especially if you work in a traditional box gym.

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"Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, occasional checks -- together with the spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor -- will literarily leapfrog you to success."

What is more valuable RIGHT NOW?


• Teaches Anatomy Physiology Programming
• Teaches one on one training

Increases your chances of getting hired for minimum wage at a big box gym ( which is closed indefinitely)

Dumbbells to Dollars Course

• Includes 16 week syllabus with workouts done for you
• Teaches online and virtual training
• Teaches you advertising to get new clients
• Offers Continued support with our private group

This course has always carried a enormous value, but now this course is an absolute necessity to save your business.

The Importance Of Virtual Training
The corona virus is threatening to put YOU out of business.

Gyms are closing, clients are cancelling sessions and soon there will be a FULL quarantine!

I saved my business, let me help you do the same.

Learn how to offer virtual and online training with the Dumbbells to Dollars Course or risk LOSING IT ALL!
The Importance Of Online Training
Course is 100% online, self paced with no expiration. You can take as long as you like to complete or finish as quick as you like!You have lifetime access to all coursework. This course will strengthen your skills in the following areas:

• Online Training
• Virtual Training
• Organization
• Zoom Platform
• Business Management
Here's what you get:
  • Lifetime Access to Dumbbells to Dollars Online/Virtual Course 
  • Added Bonus: 10 Sheet Lifetime Access to the FitProCalculator
Do you think your certification gave you all the information you needed to ACQUIRE clients?

Do you think that you could be a successful trainer if your gym shut down tomorrow?

Do you think that you can really live your IDEAL lifestyle based solely on a big box gym salary?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, it's because you've gained a lot of information, with no application to the real world.

Which is why I'm inviting you to become a
Online/Virtual Success Stories
Here's what you'll learn:
System 1 - Organization
It's time to master the new fitness landscape so we will help your work on the 4 M's. Mindset, mastery, management, and marketing. 

System 2 - Online Training
Some clients might not want virtual training. But they will still pay you to send them customized workouts and give them nutrition coaching, we'll show you how. We'll also throw in a 16 week training syllabus and a system workout tracksheet to take ALL the work off your hands!

System 3 - Virtual Training
Zoom is a new platform to many trainers, so we'll show you how to use Zoom most efficiently to deliver a high quality experience.

System 4 - Automated Billing
Virtual training means virtual billing, so if you're used to taking check and cash, it's time to get out of your comfort zone and run your business like a pro! We'll show you how to automate subscriptions and drop-ins.

System 5 - Marketing
Learn how to utilize facebook advertising to reach old and new prospects for your service. But make sure you learn how to do it right with our course.

System 6 - Build your own online training portal.
Our students have the option to build an online training portal for an UNLIMITED number of clients instead of using something like trainerize which charges $5/ client
System 7 - The sales strategy 3.0
When you offer online or virtual training, there is a very small window you have to turn a prospect into a client. The sales strategy 3.0 will give you the script and the resources to run a virtual sales presentation that will CLOSE your client with just one session!
Check out what Tyler has to say about our program
Is being a personal trainer wearing you out?
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I am not even certified yet, is this course good for me?
Answer: I know that you are very focused on learning and that's a great thing, but did you know I became successful with personal training and put together my bootcamp which earned $87K in its first year BEFORE I ever got certified? There's information you need that's not in your manual. And this course will not only simplify what's in your manual, it will teach the most important things that are left out!
Question: How long will it take to get through the course?
Answer: This course has done all the work for you, so you can get through the material in about a week.
Question: I'm not confident with nutrition coaching, how will this course help me?
Answer: There are a lot of nutrition courses on the market that will charge hundreds of dollars for basic information that is most relative to athletes. The nutrition section in this course goes over how to train ANYONE from lay person to high performer with a simple to understand system. 
Question: I'm confident in training but I don't know anything about getting clients to trust me.
Answer: This course will also include a section on facebook advertising, that way you'll learn how to get your message about your service out there and start to become more successful. 
Question: Do I have to get the online portal to offer online/virtual training?
Answer: Nope, I do think our website hosting service will make life easier for you, but we've built this course so that if you never want to spend another dime on an online training platform, you don't have to. 
Question: I really want to build my empire. Can I replace the preloaded videos of you on the portal with my own?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY! As a matter of fact, we encourage it. You can replace any video we have with your own. We just have preloaded videos so you can get started right now without having to worry about recording and editing. 
What happens if you don't invest in yourself?
- Your client has a radical change in schedule and thinks it's better to quit
You lose the client because you don't have an actual alternative to quitting.
- Your client constantly late cancels their appointments and you never get paid
You have to let the client go and try to find a new one instead of delivering a workout that they can do on their own time for an agreed fee
- You want to take a vacation with your significant other but your clients want to stay connected to a trainer
You have to handoff your clients to another trainer who eventually steals them because you couldn't offer a virtual class.
- You experience a major life change, like having a baby or taking care of a sick relative that makes you less available
You have to quit the job you love because you can't be in two places at once.
- A pandemic sweeps the globe causing a massive shut down of public gatherings and closure of all gyms.
Look, we're not saying this will last forever, or happen again. But the trainers that got through this most successfully had a system in place to continue service. Don't put yourself in the mercy of your gym because ANYTHING can happen. Get the course.
Don't limit yourself to only live training! 
Get the course TODAY!
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