Here's Why You Need Jonathan As Your Coach
Even after earning a certification, most trainers don't have a clue how to:
• Sell their services 
• Get their own clients 
• Build their own business

This course was created to give you the coaching that will help you, sell, market, and manage yourself better as a fitness professional.
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"Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, occasional checks -- together with the spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor -- will literarily leapfrog you to success."
Do you think your certification gave you all the information you needed to ACQUIRE clients?

Do you think that you could be a successful trainer if your gym shut down tomorrow?

Do you think that you can really live your IDEAL lifestyle based solely on a big box gym salary?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, it's because you've gained a lot of information, with no application to the real world.

Which is why I'm inviting you to become a
Earn CEUs to keep your certification current for:

 NASM - 1.9 CEUs
ISSA - 24 CEUs
AFAA - 15 CEUs

Simply complete the course and get instant access to your certificate. This can be done in less than a week.
Certifications Are Great..But they aren't enough
A certification will definitely help you get your foot in the door. But if you want to succeed, you need a mentor in your corner. 
If you want to become a Certified FitBoss you have to master these systems...
System 1 - Organization
Get access to tracksheets, waivers, contracts, and templates to run your business 

System 2 - Training Systems
Get access to my 8 Week syllabus and learn my system for personal or group training that requires NO machines

System 3 - Nutrition Coaching
Learn how to effectively guide your clients to a healthier eating regimen and achieve great results.
System 4 - Dominate the Big Box Gym Scene
Learn how to get clients interested in your services and close sales like a champ.

System 5 - Building your business website
Learn how to build a website that people will be able to find to learn about your business

System 6 - Internet Marketing
Learn how to use the internet to get more clients including social media and facebook advertising
System 7 - Video Promotion
Learn how to put together professional and effective promo videos to display your services.

System 8 - Understanding Business Ownership
Taxes, business formation, insurance, banking, billing. These are all essential to a successful business. Learn about it all here.

System 9 - Training in a Park
Most trainers start their first bootcamp in the park. We will go over the most cost effective equipment and how to use it.
System 10 - Getting Your Own Facility

How to get the right location to run your business.
Successful FitBosses
Darrien Srimongkol
DFF Bootcamp

 I was only making about $1200 max per month before I started this course. It was just extra money on the side as it wasn’t enough to quit my day job. I had only 6 clients I was training from December to January. Before that I had zero as I had given up on training for 3 years. I purchased your course January 20th and by February 13th opened up my first group training class. I had 12 people on day one and made $2400. March 13th I opened up the 2nd class and had 24 people. This month we opened the 3rd class and 36 people on the roster! I just quit my day job because I can do this full time and I've got $7200 rolling in every month! 
I  can't thank you enough!
Kaylla Shumann
Body Best Fit

Jonathan has taught me everything from how to perform specific exercises to how to build my own website and much more! To be honest, this course helped me more than my NASM certification did. I highly highly recommend this to any personal trainer looking to expand their knowledge and fitness business.
CJ Williams
Body Upgrade Fitness

My client list has definitely grown from have 3 or 4 people to now having 15 or 20 people per class in my own facility. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for the foundation that Jonathan's course provided for me.
Tom Hough
Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp

I train at Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp. The Dumbbells to Dollars course is a fantastic resource for anyone that runs a boot camp. Jonathan shows you everything you need to put in place to be  successful in step by step lessons. This course is also great for folks that already have a fitness business and can be used as a great resource for new workouts ideas and topics for running your business. I find this information extremely valuable and am very delighted with my purchase. The value in this package far exceeds the cost of the course. If you are considering purchasing this course just do it. You will not be disappointed.
What are the CONSEQUENCES if you DON'T become a FitBoss?
You won't know how to approach new clients and demonstrate all your knowledge because you didn't learn my approach technique in Module 17.
You don't know how to have multiple gyms fighting over your services so you can earn more with my interview techniques
You lose sales because you never learned how to overcome objections with my course
You struggle with awkward conversations about money because you haven't automated billing
You never show up on a google search because your website isn't optimized
You can't afford to even take a weekend vacation off because you're living check to check
This was my life for many years, and it wasn't fun.
You can AVOID all this with the Dumbbells to Dollars Course
Register with extreme 

I've put my heart, soul, and 15+ years of experience into this course. 

 I'm so confident that this is course has the most information necessary for your success at the best valued around, that if you disagree over the next 30 days, I will give you your money back.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I am not even certified yet, is this course good for me?
Answer: I know that you are very focused on learning and that's a great thing, but did you know I became successful with personal training and put together my bootcamp which earned $87K in its first year BEFORE I ever got certified? There's information you need that's not in your manual. And this course will not only simplify what's in your manual, it will teach the most important things that are left out!
Question: How long will it take to get through the course?
Answer: This is a VERY robust course, and I add new information all the time But you can drastically improve your earning potential within 3 months.
Question: I am in the process of applying to gyms, should I wait until I get hired?
Answer: Guess what? This course will get you hired quicker! I have a section on how to land your first big box gym job as well as how to set up your resume. Getting a job will be easier when you have the right tools and steps.
Question: I hate our personal training meetings because I struggle with sales and feel like the pressure is always on. Will the Dumbbells to Dollars course make me a better salesperson?
Answer: Absolutely! I remember those days, it sucked to be singled out as the trainer that couldn't sell. This course covers how to approach clients, how to set up an area in the gym so clients approach YOU. I wrote out the exact words to say in the comp session phase, how to overcome objections, the exact workouts that will get them excited about training, and the perfect way to go over rates with confidence. You will become a sales virtuoso.
Question: I'm not confident with nutrition coaching, how will this course help me?
Answer: There are a lot of nutrition courses on the market that will charge hundreds of dollars for basic information that is most relative to athletes. The nutrition section in this course goes over how to train ANYONE from lay person to high performer with a simple to understand system. You will also learn how to run fat loss contests will will accelerate results, which will in turn give you more social proof, which will help you get more clients
Question: I'm confident in training but I don't know anything about getting clients to trust me.
Question: Does this course cover online training?
Answer: Yes we have a section dedicated to online training, how to implement it, and how to sell it!
There is SO MUCH that these certifications don't teach you!
This is what holds you back..certifications only give you info that you need to stay stuck in a gym.
Is being a personal trainer wearing you out?
Here's a EVERYTHING you'll get in the Dumbbells to Dollars course!
You get 24 hours worth of video lectures dedicated to:
- Group Training Techniques
- Personal Training Techniques
- Exercise explanation and form     correction
- Nutrition Coaching
- Personal Training/Group  
  Sales both for employees and    independent trainers
- Website Building
- How o Run A Fat Loss Contest
- Social Media Presence 
- Social Media Marketing
- Business Management
- Automatic Billing
- Location Acquisition
- Equipment Purchasing
You get templates for
-  Personal training /group     
   membership contracts
-  Personal training /group 
-  30 Day Eating Guide
-  Client Management 
-  Personal Training / Group 
   Training Digital Workout 
-  Fat Loss Contest Point  
-  Sales Sheets/Scripts
-  HTML Pre-written Code for 
   website building
-  Pre-written Scripts for all     
   social media page description
-  8 week pre written workout 
10 Hours of Certification Study Material Which Simplifies
- Anatomy
- Human Movement Science
- Nutrition
- Muscle Imbalance
- Fitness Testing
- Program Design
- Exercise Modalities
- Supplementation
- Special Populations
- Strength Training
- Flexibility Training
- Speed and Agility Training
- Lifestyle Modification and Behavioral Coaching
-50+ Question practice exam to prepare you for the real thing
No program other program offers this much value...Guaranteed
Added Bonus : Earn CEUS
Earn CEUs to keep your certification current for:

ACE - 1.5 CEUs
 NASM - 1.9 CEUs
AFAA - 15 CEUs

Simply complete the course and get instant access to your certificate. This can be done in less than a week.

Wow! Thanks for the kind words!

 If you answered yes to all three questions, then you absolutely NEED the Dumbbells to Dollars course. 
It's purposely priced so you'll only need to get ONE MORE CLIENT for the course to pay for itself. 
Plus you'll have the unlimited support of me and the FitBosses to ensure your success!
Add my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and that's what you call a No-Brainer!
And even though $97 is a terrific price for all this value, you still have a payment plan option. 
6 monthly installments of just $16.67 with my new Paypal Credit Option will get you started.
So I've done my part and made this decision easy, are you ready to do yours?
The Dumbbells to Dollars Course
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