With fitboss hosting you can Build A Virtual GYM
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Your Website is one of the most important investments you can make into your fitness career.

With a FitBoss hosted site, you'll be able to: 

• Offer Online Training so you can run your business from home

• Accept payments directly so you never have to ask clients for money

 Track client activity so you don't have to spend hours on Microsoft Excel

Get text alerts for client activity so your clients get immediate feedback 

...And much more

Learn how a Fitboss hosted site can 
Do Work FOR You!

What Are The Pros and Cons vs other Website Platforms

Wix/Wordpress PROS

• Cheap to Start

• Nice General Layouts

Wix/Wordpress Cons

With wix you will soon realize that their layouts only look great because they are filled with professional stock images. Once you take those away you realize it's average at best with a poorly crafted contact form and no membership features.

• For a professional wordpress site you'll probably have to hire someone who doesn't understand the needs of a trainer

• Wordpress sites are built with plugins which need to be compatible, if you need two plugins that happen to be incompatible your site will crash

• Because plugins need to be constantly updated you run the risk of a security breach at all times due to an outdated plugin. When I had a wordpress site, the security breach caused my website to redirect to a porn site.

• No interactive systems within the site. You'll still have to manage spreadsheets, organize clients, and navigate a clunkly membership plugin for an extra cost that will crash soon enough.

• Cheap if you are satisfied with an info page that is NOT interactive. Expensive to hire someone to make an interactive site that won't be anywhere near as powerful.

FitBoss Hosting Pros

• Professional Layouts that are fully customizable

• Membership Platform which will allow access to you sensitive information

• Ability to sell products and apparel directly on site

• Ability to sell your training services in a members only area

• Automated spreadsheets to track client activities on all pages of your site

• Automated text messaging for measurement updates, payments, workout check-ins

• Access DIRECTLY to Jonathan for advice on strategy and custom page creation

• The ability to offer a centralized training on demand platform so it's like having your very own beach body product

• Additional free access to the FitProCalculator which will allow you to central the fitness progress of 1000 clients

• Much more affordable than the alternative which would be required to build a website THIS POWERFUL

FitBoss Hosting Cons

• All your trainer buddies will be jealous

A well put together website can maximize your earning potential and minimize the busy work that you hate doing anyway.

Don't trust your site to a designer with no fitness industry experience. 

Get the site built by trainers, FOR TRAINERS

What's the main difference between your typical website and a FitBoss Website


99% of fitness websites are Virtual Business Cards.  They give your name, your address, your phone number, your bio, and a description of your workouts. They'll usually include a simple contact form and that's it. Regardless of how pretty your website may be, it doesn't work for you.


A Fitboss website is a Virtual Assistant. Imagine hiring someone that will represent you, ask specific questions you need answer to deliver great results, text you whenever someone is interested, set appointments, remind you and your clients of those appointments, collect payments, deliver workouts, track customer activity, AND nurture your leads 24/7. It would cost a fortune to hire a full-time employee, but with a Fitboss website, you don't have to! 

Here's what you get with a 
FitBoss Hosted Site
Beautiful Website Interface
Most websites, unfortunately, are built all wrong. The goal of your homepage should be to turn a visitor into a lead.

Forcing users to jump from page to page and digest too much information will result in information overload and abandonment.

With our structure and layout, we'll take your logo, color scheme and message, and format it into a squeeze style home page to make sure clients take action!
Training On Demand
You could be the Insanity or P90X of your area. You will be able to build an entire workout library that your clients can log into at any time for a fee.

All they'd have to do is login and pay, once you create the workout, you don't have to do anything
Accept Payments
Collecting payments can be frustrating. If you're training live you have to ask for cash, check, or have a physical credit card.

With online training you need a sophisticated platform to take automated payments before clients change their minds. 

With this portal you'll be able to monetize your site by including online and live pricing as well as affiliate links for products, supplements, and your branded apparel.
Automated Client Spreadsheets
If there's one thing trainers have told me they don't like, it's microsoft excel and having to keep track of everything.

With a FitBoss website we will create a grid for you that automatically updates every time a client does something on your site.
Automated Text Alerts
When your online training client finishes a workout, they can login to their portal and check-in.

To make sure you can offer unparalleled service we will text you every time your client checks in.

We send you automated texts for:
 Measurement Updates, Waiver Signatures, Website Registrations, New Appointments, Payments,  and Leads
Follow Up Emails and Texts
We all know that clients need time and encouragement before they make a purchasing decision.

With a fitboss website you can activate a series of automatic follow up emails or texts to turn your lead into a client
Google SEO
When people are looking for a new service to invest in, the first place they go is GOOGLE!

It's crazy how many trainers do not optimize their websites for google's search engine.

With a Fitboss hosting plan, we will include a free step by step guide, so whenever someone types "personal trainer near me" in googles search field, your site will come up!
Measurement Updates
Can't be around to take your client measurements? The FitBoss Site will allow your clients to submit a full fitness profile, (including pictures!)

Once sent, you will get a text alert, update on your grid, and free access to the FitProCalculator which will hold 1000+ client records
Membership Area
Instead of putting your prices, workouts, blogs and exercise demonstrations for the entire world to see, we'll build you a membership area.

You will decide what features to unlock based on who pays you!
Landing Page Flow
If you've been in the industry long enough, you know that there are services that charge $10,000 or more just to build a two step landing page flow for your facebook ads.

We believe that good advertising is important, but it should NOT cost an arm and a leg.

With the FitBoss Website you'll also get our unbeatable facebook flow which will allow you to reach clients IMMEDIATELY after they optin to your offer with a text, email, and scheduling widget, so that even if you're asleep, your client will get immediate feedback to meet with you in person!
With a FitBoss Website 
You'll No Longer Need These Money Sucking Services

Freelance Web Designer

Similar Services That Are Just As Much A Ripoff: Relance designers can be found anywhere

What they do: Build websites with a focus purely on design, instead of function

Cost Per Year: Up to $5,000.00 setup and $50-$100/hour for maintenance

How does Fitboss Hosting Compare: Most website designers are artists, not businessmen. Many trainers get duped into overpaying for websites because the designers main goal is to impress the trainer with design skills when function is the most important thing.

Think of it like this -- I could give you the sexiest, most high end bicep curl machine in the world. But it does you no good if you need to work your quads. (Get it?)

A freelancer will think, how can I impress you with a flashy website

A Fitboss thinks, what can I do to make sure my business grows

MindBody Online

Similar Services That Are Just As Much A Ripoff: Clubworx

What it does: Base level service allows for an online portal solely used to schedule appointments.

Cost Per Year: $1,548.00/year (cheapest package)

How does Fitboss Hosting Compare: Not only will you be able to to do the EXACT same thing with our scheduler, we will also send you a text as soon as a client schedules an appointment. You also will have the option to remind clients of their appointments with you for an extra $20/year. That's a savings of 98.2% for something MindBody Online can't do!


Similar Services That Are Just As Much A Ripoff:  PT Hub, PT Distinction, PTMinder

What it does: Offers tools to automate many aspects of online personal training.

Cost Per Year: $720.00/year for 20 clients ( the price INCREASES as you get more clients)

How does Fitboss Hosting Compare: Trainerize really gets it wrong when it comes to online training because there is more than just one aspect. In addition to online personal training, there is online virtual training, virtual training for groups, and training on demand. An inability to offer all four will greatly impact your earning potential. But since Trainerize is so limited, you might need MindBody Online's advance package as well to accommodate the other three services. Using MindBody Online and Trainerize together would cost a whopping $5,220.00/year. We personally just don't think it's worth it!


Similar Services That Are Just As Much A Ripoff: Aweber, ActiveCampaign

What it does: Allows you to build and manage email lists, and send out email campaigns for your business

Cost Per Year: $120.00/year for the base package

How does Fitboss Hosting Compare: Relative to Trainerize and MindBody Online, MailChimp is relatively inexpensive. But why pay extra money when you don't have to? Moreover, you'd have to pay extra to remove the pesky MailChimp logo ( I hate that ) so why not get that feature BUILT IN to your website. Sounds like a No Brainer!

Virtual Assistants

Similar Services That Are Just As Much A Ripoff: You can find VAs on,

What it does: I've heard this story way to many times:

"I'm a trainer but I'm really not organized. I need someone to manage my Microsoft Excel, so I don't lose track of clients, my follow up emails, so I can stay in contact, and manage my billing so I know when people miss a payment."
-Typical Trainer

Virtual Assistants basically handle the data entry that you're too busy, or too intimidated to do. They organize your business but they do it at a hefty cost. 

You can find some that are relatively cheap, but more than likely they won't be in your time zone so your employee may be in India or the Phillipines. If you want someone in your time zone, you're going to have to pay a LOT more. Just for data entry.

Cost Per Year: $10,800.00/year ( If you're able to find someone willing to work part time for $10/hr)

How does Fitboss Hosting Compare: I consider myself a very organized person, and I LOVE Microsoft Excel, but I haste entering data. I can only imagine how hard it is for someone who is not naturally organized and isn't good with spreadsheets. So your website will do the work for you. 
- It will automatically create spreadsheets for new leads and new clients
- It will automatically create spreadsheets for workout checkins including date and time
- It will automatically remind clients of upcoming appointments via text
- You will be able to easily add and remove clients

Save your $10,800.00 for new equipment or rent. Because the FitBoss Hosting Plan Has Your Data Entry COVERED!

How Much Does This Fitboss Hosting Cost?

If you settle for a virtual business card

Web Hosting Cost - $99/year
Domain Cost - $20/year
Plugins - $80/year
Trainerize Account: $720/year
Email Marketing Service: $240/year



* You'll have to build and manage your own client spreadsheet

* You'll have no support from a proven fitness business professional

*An extra 15-30 hours of administration work falls back on you

*Constant security updates

*No SEO (search engine optimization) no one will be able to find your site on Google

* No text alerts for client activity

*Low level user interface for online training and training on demand

If you try to make a fitboss website yourself

Clickfunnels Account: $97/mo
Zapier Account: $25/mo
Trainerize Account: $60/mo
Email Marketing Service: $20/mo
Twilio Account $5/mo



* You'll have to build and manage your own client spreadsheet

* You'll have no support from a proven fitness business professional

* You can save $1200/year by building a Wordpress site that will have constant security issues, expensive plugins, and poor mobile compatibility.

*You'll probably have to hire someone to teach you what twilio and zapier are and how to use them correctly.

*No SEO (search engine optimization) no one will be able to find your site on Google

If you hire someone to try to copy a fitboss website

Setup Charge: $400 - 2000
Zapier Account: $25/mo
Trainerize Account: $60/mo
Email Marketing Service: $20/mo
Twilio Account: $5/mo
Website Updates: Up to $75/hr

$400-$2000 Set Up
Up to $75/hr for updates

* You'll have to build and manage your own client spreadsheet

* Your user interface will be nowhere near as practical

* You'll have no support from a proven fitness business professional

*You'll probably have to hire someone to teach you what twilio and zapier are and how to use them correctly.

*SEO (search engine optimization) will come at an additional cost up to $1000

If you let Jonathan build your FitBoss website

We'll have you fill out a form to let us know what you want on your site. 

Then we'll schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your form. 

Your site will be build in 5-7 days. 

We'll have one more consultation form to make sure you're satisfied. 

Cost: $699/USD setup

$120 USD/Year hosting renewal (starting one year after setup)

Website Updates By Request $35/hr


* Your client management spreadsheet will be built for you and updated automatically

* You'll get to work directly with Jonathan, and not some web designer with no fitness experience

*Free SEO tutorial

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How to get started

Even after spending all that time on our page, we're sure you have questions. That's why before
you pay we'd like to setup a consultation call with Jonathan to make sure that we
can meet and exceed all your expectations. 

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