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Dumbbells To Dollars
Online/Virtual Training Course + Website Builder Course
Learn how to earn money in as a trainer without having to meet your clients in a gym, studio, or home.

This course will teach you how to deliver online workouts to your clients or run live one on one or group training workouts from any location.
Dumbbells to Dollars
Foundation 1 on 1 Personal Trainer  + Certification Study Guide Course
If you're just starting your fitness journey, this is the course you need. 

Learn how to apply for your first job, craft a killer resume, succeed in the big box gym, and most importantly, you'll learn how to sell!
Dumbbells to Dollars
 Advanced /Semi Private Bootcamp + CEU Course Course
Earn CEUs with NASM, ISSA, and AFFA with our foundation course and learn how to run group training classes.

This course will also cover the ins and outs of nutrition coaching and give you vital information on how to form an actual group training business.
Dumbbells to Dollars 
Fat Loss Contest Course

Most trainers struggle with personal training manuals. 

You should take this course before you start studying for any personal training certification as it will allow you to understand anatomy, energy systems, and training methods in an easy to understand way.
100 Rules Of A Successful FitBoss
I have crammed 15 years worth of experience into one article. 

So many trainers make these simple mistakes that cost them clients and money.

Learn here so you don't make the same mistakes
Partners with the largest certifications to deliver the best education possible

Oscar Gonzales

I had no idea what I was doing, my mangers made me hate training so I thought I would give this a shot before I left the fitness industry for good. Now I'm happy to say I have my own fitness business and I'm making more now than I would have if I went back to Corporate America. Thanks Jonathan, you're a life saver!

Hunter Devaughn

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about building a successful fitness business. This course is full of very useful information and tips. It is a must have for any trainer. Further more Jonathan has been in contact with me through email and has been guiding me though my journey. This is an all around outstanding course!!

Timothy Patrick

Jonathan works really hard on this course and continues to add more content constantly. I was just about finished with this course and had not logged in for some time since I was on the performance sections. Logged in later and see that I am only slightly more than halfway done now. He is an excellent resource.

Erika Stork

So informative and step-by-step information from how to explain exercises, to structuring classes, understanding the business side of running a bootcamp, building a website, how to set rates and take payment….really everything you would want to know. Soo worth the money!

Philip Bernstein

I've been following Jonathan for a long time via youtube and this course just adds to all the great content. Awesome

Kayla Shumann

Jonathan has taught me everything from how to perform specific exercises to how to build my own website and much more! To be honest, this course helped me more than my NASM certification did. I highly highly recommend this to any personal trainer looking to expand their knowledge and fitness business

Jamaal Wooten

Listen bro, back when I first started watching you I was bodybuilding and got caught up in that world then got caught up in the functional, social media and massage world only to realize that from day 1 you taught business first. I listen to your first module and felt a comfort wash over me because the fundamentals is what i missed in understanding how this all works. The goal isn't to be in a gym all day, it's to help as many people as possible with as much time as possible to be able to do enough to keep elevating yourself. Your number crunching is clean and it all makes sense. To be honest, I'm just honestly trying to get like you in this industry. Find my piece of the pie and enjoy the hell out of it.

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