Break Through the grind of working for a gym and work for yourself!

“Discover How To Start Your OWN Fitness Business AND Grow To Capacity, Break Through Fitness Boredom AND Triple Your Membership In Just A Few Weeks Using My EASY to learn Done-For-You Fitness Business Blueprint That Will Keep Your Clients Coming Back Week After Week”

Without spending $900 on a certification!
Dear Fellow FitPro,

When I started my career, I was training in a “big box” gym. Every day I had to show up to the gym and deal with cancellations, my sales manager breathing down my throat about getting more sales, and the ongoing knowledge that the gym as taking 50% of what I was bringing in. I did everything in my power to market my program and spread awareness within the rules of the gym. It just seemed like no matter what I tried to do, my membership numbers weren’t moving and I was actually starting to lose people. People were getting bored with the format of my session and finding other ways to get variety in their training. WHY? Because the gym was putting limits on what I could do as an employee.

LA Fitness for instance, doesn't want you to be entrepreneurial, they just want you to show up and accept your $6 per session..YES you heard me right. If you're newly certified, they will charge their members $55 per session and give you $6!

I needed to make my own rules, so that I could train my way and earn what I deserved without having to give half of my money away to people who didn't care about fitness at all!
My name is Jonathan Hertilus, and I was tired of spending endless hours working in a gym and not earning what I deserved. To solve this problem, I set a goal of opening my own boot camp facility in 6 months. Three months later, my new facility had over 20 new boot camp members, in another three months I had another 20..and I just KEPT GROWING! I’ll explain how I did it in a moment, but first, let me tell you what Dumbbells to Dollars is all about:

You’re probably wondering what the heck The Dumbbells to Dollars Course is how it can increase your member retention rates and generate a constant source of referrals, right?
My PATHETIC 2010 Big Box Gym Salary 
In 2011 I learned how to take CONTROL!
Hear me out. As we both know, it is way more affordable to retain clients then it is to try and get new ones off of the street. To be exact, the cost of getting new clients is SEVEN TIMES MORE than the cost of retaining clients!

You have to keep your current clients MOTIVATED to come back to your sessions, get NEW clients in the process and continue to create a FUN training atmosphere every day.

That’s a LOT of extra work hours, not to mention a LOT of extra pressure – especially when memberships keep dropping due to boredom. It happens…

So what if I had a SOLUTION that would FIX all of those problems with the “click” of a button AND what if it was as easy as implementing a system built but a seasoned trainer and PERFECTED by thousands of clients? Hang in there… let me explain.
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So What Is The Dumbbells to Dollars Course Anyway?

The Dumbbells to Dollars Course is a combination of game-changing business tactics and client-keeping training styles. These workouts designed to torch your body composition as they combine 40% strength and 60% cardio, which causes a fat-burning, muscle-toning response. Not only are these workouts fun and exciting, they also can be used in personal training and bootcamps. This course is a labor of love based on my own 8 year thrill ride of putting together the most ass-kicking fitness business in my area. But I wasn't aways super successful...

One night I realized that if I was going to be successful, I had to give clients what THEY wanted. Not what I wanted to give them. I had a good group of loyal honest clients and sent them a text. I asked that whenever I put together a workout, they give me feedback on how I could make it better FOR THEM. I promised my feelings wouldn't get hurt. And over the course of a year I had firefighters, stay-at-home moms, lawyers and even an Olympian giving me advice. I learned how to take all that advice and make it work for ALL of them...AT THE SAME TIME! Viola! I had a new, killer program to implement with my clients that would break fitness boredom and keep them coming back for more.
Since the implementation of these systems in training, my membership numbers have tripled since I opened my doors, members are actually starting to hang out outside of class, my Facebook wall is buzzing with member comments and my retention rates are unreal. Most gym owners around me complain about losing clients during summer months and down times, but I have to be “that guy” and tell them that I really don’t have that problem anymore.

What’s my secret for retention? KILLER BUSINESS SYSTEMS! Great training keeps everyone excited and motivated, and instills a sense of loyalty and community that people cannot find anywhere else. And a great marketing system keeps new people entering our doors every single week!

I am a NASM Certified Instructor, a former business banker for JP Morgan Chase, and a former Division 1 athlete, and what I did with these systems was I took my knowledge of cutting-edge fitness and combined it with my passion for business management and marketing to create a killer new program that would revolutionize the fitness industry for independent trainers.
This TurnKey System is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for Life-Long Clients, and here is why…
  • You will skyrocket your retention rates which means a constant paycheck for you.
  • Save A TON of money getting new members – your current members will market for you.And So Much More...
  • No more time spent researching new techniques to spice up the current training regimen.
  • The members WIN
  • The trainer WINS
  • Your personal life and free time WINS!
What makes The Dumbbells to Dollars Course so special?
Here's the truth about the training industry, NO trainer is taught HOW to get clients. Most manuals make it seem like people willingly approach you with a checkbook in hand, ready to give you money. That's NOT how it works. You have to learn how to attract clients, and once you get them in your doors how to turn them into paying clients. That's what this course does.


Let’s face it, we all get bored and burned out from the same routine eventually. Implementing these systems can help break up the monotony of a normal workout. And we constantly post new ideas in our private  Facebook Group of Students. The more variety you incorporate into your workouts, the better the chance of members returning on a reoccurring basis.


What sets you apart from the person down the street? How about the way people feel when they leave finish your workout. Do they feel over-worked and thoroughly exhausted like every other workout in the area? Or, do they rejuvenated and energized? Obviously, you want the second one. These workouts will help you stand apart from your competition. We have taken many sports specific-training methods and formatted them so that anyone can do them. They are still working out, but they are smiling and laughing in the process. That is definitely a “win-win” in my book!

By combining all three of these client-getting elements, you’ll never have to learn how to retain customers EVER again. Creating more time and freedom that you deserve AND helping MORE people.

Forget about spending your evenings in front of a computer trying to come up with new ways to get and keep clients. The time spent thinking of that stuff could be used playing with your kids, finding other ways to be successful, or just unwinding after a long day of work. All you have to do is be ready to BRING THE ENERGY! And I know you can do that!

With this solution everything is DONE-FOR-YOU!
Darrien Srimongkol
DFF Bootcamp

 I was only making about $1200 max per month before I started this course. It was just extra money on the side as it wasn’t enough to quit my day job. I had only 6 clients I was training from December to January. Before that I had zero as I had given up on training for 3 years. I purchased your course January 20th and by February 13th opened up my first group training class. I had 12 people on day one and made $2400. March 13th I opened up the 2nd class and had 24 people. This month we opened the 3rd class and 36 people on the roster! I just quit my day job because I can do this full time and I've got $7200 rolling in every month! 
I  can't thank you enough!
Kaylla Shumann
Body Best Fit

Jonathan has taught me everything from how to perform specific exercises to how to build my own website and much more! To be honest, this course helped me more than my NASM certification did. I highly highly recommend this to any personal trainer looking to expand their knowledge and fitness business.
CJ Williams
Body Upgrade Fitness

My client list has definitely grown from have 3 or 4 people to now having 15 or 20 people per class in my own facility. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for the foundation that Jonathan's course provided for me.
Tom Hough
Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp

I train at Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp. The Dumbbells to Dollars course is a fantastic resource for anyone that runs a boot camp. Jonathan shows you everything you need to put in place to be  successful in step by step lessons. This course is also great for folks that already have a fitness business and can be used as a great resource for new workouts ideas and topics for running your business. I find this information extremely valuable and am very delighted with my purchase. The value in this package far exceeds the cost of the course. If you are considering purchasing this course just do it. You will not be disappointed.

With these “done-for-you” and ready-made games and activities, there’s no more embarrassment over people getting bored with your classes. 

Our “client approved” system will keep you looking like a “personal training superstar” to your members, but without the hard work.
How much is it?
If you were to sit down learn this system you’d easily spend over 40 hours of your valuable time. And I’m guessing your time is easily worth $50 or more per hour, right? That means it would cost you over $2000 just create a poor version of this system. And then there’s the testing and tweaking process. That’s another 40 hours easy.

When it’s all said and done this would cost you over $4000 to do it yourself. But I’ve gone through and did the tough work for you. Best of it’s all built on sound exercise programming.

But you won’t pay anywhere near $4000 for The Dumbbells to Dollars Course… The Dumbbells to Dollars Course is available to you though this special promotional offer for only $297!  $97

That’s a really good deal!

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Let my client tested, done-for-you system do the work for you so you can go back to doing what you love most without worrying about losing clients to the boot camp down the road.
Dumbbells to Dollars
Exclusive Bonuses
I am a believer in over delivering, so I cannot just give you a course and think that is “good enough.” When you invest in The Dumbbells to Dollars Course now I’ll give you two bonuses worth $800+.

Added Bonus #1!
Get all the education of a traditional personal training certification with my FREE CPT Study Guide
Value: $699
Yours for FREE with the course
Want the knowledge that you'd get from a $600+ nationally accredited certification?

Get the information you would normally have to pay $599 for with the study guide that I created to help trainers pass their personal training certification exams. Don't wait until you're certified to get the Dumbbells to Dollars Course. Make sure you pass you exam with this awesome resource. It will cover:

• All Major Body Systems and their functions        
  (skeletal, respiratory, muscular, nervous)
• Bioenergetics and metabolism
• Human Movement Science
• Fitness Assessments
• Flexibility Training
• Core Training
• Balance Training
• Muscular Imbalance
• Nutrition
• PT Program Design

Added Bonus #2
Give yourself an unfair advantage over other trainers with  the FPC
You will get FREE access to the FitProCalculator for 30 days with this course
Offer automated, color-coded, fitness profile sheets with the FitProCalulator.

This web app will allow you to take a fitness profile for your clients and instead of having to print out your form and save paper, clients will have their profiles sent automatically to their email addresses. You will be able to keep easy to understand records for life that will recommend clients to come back and update their measurements. If you need a powerful tool to increase sales, and retention, this is it!

You’re Guaranteed to LOVE The Dumbbells to Dollars Course
Or You Get Your Money Back.
That’s right. This program is backed by my 60 Day “Happy Client” Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my course, contact me within 60 days and I will give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that you will be blown away by this course and what it will do for your career!

Get This Course Now For $297 Only $97.00!

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I am not even certified yet, is this course good for me?
Answer: I know that you are very focused on getting your certification and that's a great thing, but did you know I became successful with personal training and put together my bootcamp which earned $87K in its first year BEFORE I ever got certified. There's information you need that's not in your manual. But for the stuff in there, I've included a study guide to make sure you pass your exam the first time.
Question: How long will it take to get through the course?
Answer: This is a VERY robust course, and I add new information all the time But you can drastically improve your earning potential within 3 months.
Question: I am in the process of applying to gyms, should I wait until I get hired?
Answer: If that is the route you want to take, guess what? This course will get you hired quicker! I have a section on how to land your first big box gym job as well as how to set up your resume. Getting a job will be easier when you have the right tools and steps.
Question: I hate our personal training meetings because I struggle with sales and feel like the pressure is always on. Will the Dumbbells to Dollars course make me a better salesperson?
Answer: Absolutely! I remember those days, it sucked to be singled out as the trainer that couldn't sell. This course covers how to approach clients, how to set up an area in the gym so clients approach YOU. I wrote out the exact words to say in the comp session phase, how to overcome objections, the exact workouts that will get them excited about training, and the perfect way to go over rates with confidence. You will become a sales virtuoso.
Question: I'm not confident with nutrition coaching, how will this course help me?
Answer: There are a lot of nutrition courses on the market that will charge hundreds of dollars for basic information that is most relative to athletes. The nutrition section in this course goes over how to train ANYONE from lay person to high performer with a simple to understand system. You will also learn how to run fat loss contests will will accelerate results, which will in turn give you more social proof, which will help you get more clients
Question: I'm confident in training but I don't know anything about getting clients to trust me.
Answer: That makes sense, certification don't teach you how to be a businessperson. But I do...I'll cover what to say, how to say it, how to respond to objections, how to upsell and how to close
Get This Course Now For $297 Only $97.00!

P.S. – There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you to try this course. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by my 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the program, just let me know within 60-days and you’ll be refunded your entire investment.
Dumbbells to Dollars
Fitness Business Course
  • Improve Your Sales Skills
  • Build effective websites
  • Get Clients with FB ads
  • Diversify your training
  • And so much more!
  • 60 Day Money Back Gurantee
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