My goal is for every trainer to live a life of Freedom and Independence

With the DONE FOR YOU online training platform, the perfect website, and the unbeatable 
sales strategy 3.0, you finally 
have FULL CONTROL of your career.
Attention Personal Trainers
If you want to keep up in this SUPER COMPETITIVE fitness industry, you need 3 Things
An Online Personal training platform
A Website that can meet the demands of this fast paced world
A sales script that can get you PAID in one session, GUARANTEED

Because competition is EVERYWHERE so you need to make sure you can handle all your clients' needs 24/7
You can't be physically everywhere all the time. A perfect website can be your virtual assistant
Because people have options EVERYWHERE so if you can't nail down a deal on your first try, you might not get another chance later.
1) An Online Personal training platform

Why: Because competition is EVERYWHERE so you need to make sure you can handle all your clients' needs 24/7
2) A Website that can meet the demands of this fast paced world

Why:You can't be physically everywhere all the time. A perfect website can be your virtual assistant
3) A sales script that can get you PAID in one session, GUARANTEED

Why: Because people have options EVERYWHERE so if you can't nail down a deal on your first try, you might not get another chance later.
10 Reasons Why EVERY Trainer Should Offer Online Personal Training
1) Clients that travel often need to know that you can service them while they are on business

2) When existing clients move too far for either of you to travel, you can STILL service them

3) There are a LARGE number of people who aren't ready to workout in public and need guidance

4) The big box gym you work at charges TOO much for personal training, but their members still need your help

5) When money gets tight for your client, you can offer another service without losing them completely

6) You have responsibilities/commitments/a life! You can't be in the gym from 5am-12pm and then 4pm to 9pm 6 days a week

7) When YOU need a vacation, your client does not need to be trained by someone else

8) YOU can't afford to buy all that heavy equipment and then carry it from home to home

9) Your flaky client is costing you money with late cancels. Offer them something impossible to cancel and give their live spot to someone who will respect it.

10) Every door you've tried to open has closed on you because of greedy studio owners, poor building management, or lack of funds and YOU are ready to take full control of your life and schedule

10 Reasons Why 
The Dumbbells to Dollars Advance System
is your best option to launch your online training career!
1) Your customizable website is DONE FOR YOU complete with an online scheduler, apparel store, product store, and landing pages for all your services including bootcamps, online training and personal training

2) We include 3 hours of live sales training + power point slides DONE FOR YOU to make sure you never mess up a sales opportunity again

3) We provide a DONE FOR YOU client portal for your online clients that explains workout routines and exercises

4) We provide a DONE FOR YOU 16-week workout syllabus, so all you really need to do is copy and paste dynamic fat burning workout routines to your clients

5) We provide DONE FOR YOU promotional tools including attention grabbing videos and digital posters for social media sites

6) We have pre-branded your online training FOR YOU so that you can be part of a network of online trainers

7) We have an exclusive FITBOSSES ONLY private facebook page so YOU can bounce ideas with other online trainers

8) We provide DONE FOR YOU nutrition accountability calendars to keep your clients on track 

9) We're not a fly by night group like the new faces you see on instagram and facebook. We have been helping trainers for over 5 years in the online space.

10) We far exceed the value of any other website service provider and in 99% of the cases beat them in price as well
Compare what WE offer and charge to what THEY offer and charge
I know what you're thinking...why do you charge so much less?
The answer is simple...we aren't pricks
What Makes a FitBoss website a Perfect Website
Perfect Website Feature #1
Online Personal Training Portal
There are two routes to take with starting your online training service. You can go with an app like trainerize or PT distinction which is slow, non-intuitive, and complicated. Or you can spend a few months recording you own workouts and explanations. Then brand it, then write up individual workouts.

We took all that work off you hands with our online dashboard. Your clients will have access to a membership site and we have already made easy-to-understand and effective workouts. We ALSO wrote out 16 weeks worth of workouts so your only job is to copy and paste.

But don't worry, if you want to write your own workouts, we allow you to do that too!
Perfect Website Feature #2
Pre-Built Landing Pages
If a tree falls in the forrest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If you have a great service but no one can access it, what's the point.

Personal trainers shouldn't be forced to become website designers. That's why we've equipped you with landing pages for personal training, bootcamp AND online training.

With these beauties, you'll be able to send your social media links to a sleek CONVINCING landing page that will fill your inbox with interested names, phone numbers and emails!
Perfect Website Feature #3
Online Scheduling
Imagine that it's 3 in the morning and your client Mary decides she wants to train with you. But she doesn't want to bother you and doesn't know when you can be available.


With the online scheduler you can create calendars for personal training, virtual training, and classes( with max available slots)!

You can require to pay in full for an appointment or make a non refundable deposit JUST IN CASE they don't show up.

You don't have to hire a $15/hr secretary, you can turn your website into your secretary.
Perfect Website Feature #4
Your Own Apparel Store
Have you ever wanted to create apparel for your clients?

It can get frustrating
"what color should you order, what type of shirts, tanks, water bottles, bags to people want?"

It can get expensive
"How many shirts do I have to order to get the cost of each item down to turn a profit"

It can get maddening
"Mary thought she was a size Sm but she's really a XXL, now what do I do with this dirty stretched out shirt"

With our apparel store, you can pick and choose from hundreds of products, and colors, slap your logo on it and never have to worry about inventory or shipping. Just send your clients there and collect your commission check.
Before and After Websites
Darrien Srimongkol
Darrien had a perfectly functional website created with wordpress through our Dumbbells to Dollars Foundation Course. It was presentable, cheap in cost, functional, and allowed him to collect client information. But it lacked more features and a more attractive design.
Darrien now has that pop and design he's was looking for at an affordable price. Additionally, he has added his own product line with over 25 different apparel options and they have been selling like hotcakes with NO INVENTORY. All he has to do is collect his commission check!

He also has a scheduler directly on his site which allows clients to book appointments for his bootcamp classes or personal training AND pay in advance.

With the added capability of our online training platform, he received 2 inquiries for online training in his first 24 hours of going live.
Reynaldo Uresti
Reynaldo paid over $400 to get a platform that wasn't getting him anywhere. His website didn't have flow, it wasn't optimized for mobile, it did have a scheduler but it was costing him $20 a month to take payments and he didn't have ANY landing pages for social media advertising.

Obviously they didn't offer him a membership portal to host online personal training.
Notice how much cleaner Reynaldo's site is! All necessary info for a new visitor is on ONE PAGE.

Of course now he has a scheduler that allows him to take appointments for personal training, group training and online training.

He has landing pages for ALL of his services

AND he has his member portal where he was able to offer online training. This helped him SAVE his client who was paying $360+/mo but moved too far away.. Reynaldo is now a virtual trainer and has saved $360/month!
Sneak Peek into Sales Strategy 3.0
Every sale has an anatomy and each and every aspect of it matters. This sales strategy teaches you how to make yourself seem CRITICAL to your clients success, and primes your clients to say YES when you ask for the money.. take a look.
NOTE: We have 6 videos running on a loop at the same time on this page so the Tyler video might skip a bit, but it doesn't on the course - If you want to watch it as it will appear on the course you can click here.
The info from these sales calls + the DONE FOR YOU Powerpoint presentations alone are worth the price of the course, but you will get 3+ HOURS of this for free...so seriously...can you afford to pass this up?
Successful FitBosses
Darrien Srimongkol
DFF Bootcamp

 I was only making about $1200 max per month before I started this course. It was just extra money on the side as it wasn’t enough to quit my day job. I had only 6 clients I was training from December to January. Before that I had zero as I had given up on training for 3 years. I purchased your course January 20th and by February 13th opened up my first group training class. I had 12 people on day one and made $2400. March 13th I opened up the 2nd class and had 24 people. This month we opened the 3rd class and 36 people on the roster! I just quit my day job because I can do this full time and I've got $7200 rolling in every month! 
I  can't thank you enough!
Kaylla Shumann
Body Best Fit

Jonathan has taught me everything from how to perform specific exercises to how to build my own website and much more! To be honest, this course helped me more than my NASM certification did. I highly highly recommend this to any personal trainer looking to expand their knowledge and fitness business.
CJ Williams
Body Upgrade Fitness

My client list has definitely grown from have 3 or 4 people to now having 15 or 20 people per class in my own facility. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for the foundation that Jonathan's course provided for me.
Tom Hough
Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp

I train at Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp. The Dumbbells to Dollars course is a fantastic resource for anyone that runs a boot camp. Jonathan shows you everything you need to put in place to be  successful in step by step lessons. This course is also great for folks that already have a fitness business and can be used as a great resource for new workouts ideas and topics for running your business. I find this information extremely valuable and am very delighted with my purchase. The value in this package far exceeds the cost of the course. If you are considering purchasing this course just do it. You will not be disappointed.
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The Next Evolution For The
Okay...I'm interested..Now Break Down the Cost For Me
First Let's Breakdown Some
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I already have a website domain, do I have to purchase a new one?
A: Nope we will simply point your website to your perfect website, and if at any time you cancel hosting, your old site will remain in tact.
Q: I'm really only interested in the online training portal, can you put that onto my website?
A: Yes! If you want to just house the online portal on your site we can accomplish that with our hosting plan.
Q: I don't have a website at all, how much to purchase a brand new one?
A: Absolutely nothing.
Q: Can I get the course today and build my perfect website later?
A: Absolutely, just send us an email after purchase to let us know to delay your hosting.
Now Here's EVERYTHING you'll get in the 
Dumbbells to Dollars Advance Course!
Your Built For You Perfect Website including pages for:
-Home page (general inquiry)
-Apparel Store ( no inventory needed)
-Online Scheduler ( no secretary needed)
-Landing Page for bootcamp offers
-Landing Page for Personal Training
-Gender Specific landing pages
For Online Personal Training
- Membership Portal For Online Personal Training Clients
Total Value: $997
+ $97/mo clickfunnels hosting
Online Personal Training Portal For Clients Including
- 100+ Exercises + Explanations
  on how to do each
- How to setup their own home  
- How to take their own 
- Free monthly accountability 
- Free Nutrition Ebook
- Plus the added ability to add 
  your own exercise video to 
  your personal platform
Total Value: $997
- Ever Growing Library of  
  Royalty-Free Music for social   
  media videos
- Powerpoint presentation for 
  your sales strategy 3.0 script
- Done for you videos to 
  promote your online personal 
  training services
- Done for you rate sheet  
- Done for you digital flyer
- 16 week workout syllabus (4 
  different versions for varying 
  amount of equipment)
- Access to our FITBOSS ONLY    private facebook page
- Lifetime access to the  
  FitProCalculator w/ hosting
Total Value: $699
Sales Strategy 3.0
- Over 2.5 hours of live sales presentation including 
• Personal training sales
• Bootcamp Sales
• Online Personal Training Sales
How to turn a rejected sale attempt into an online training opportunity.

Also included is a directors cut where Jonathan breaks down exactly why you say every single word of the script.
Total Value: $199
Total Value: $2,872
+ $97/mo for clickfunnels hosting
If we sold this course for $1997, it would be a STEAL
But for a Limited Time -- We're going to do even better than that!
However, when this offer is gone, it's gone forever
Check it out
The Dumbbells to Dollars Advanced System
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